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Gas Diploma


Change of Career?

Want to become Gas Safe Registered?

Are you a plumber wishing to extend your scope of work?

The most important part of reaching the status of a fully-qualified gas engineer is being able to do the work safely, competently and legally.
Our Gas Diploma courses are not a “fast track” solution. We believe that doesn’t help the engineer when he/she is faced with a situation. Instead we will give you a managed learning programme based on your current skill level which is why we tailor the course to suit your individual needs.

We pride ourselves on the basis that our Diploma course for both plumbers and new entrants have unlimited access to classroom learning at no extra cost to the engineer. Throughout the length of the course you will have access to practical and theory training and full support from us for the duration of the course and beyond.

We are also aware that every individual Gas Engineer has different requirements, we would ask that you contact us with your personal requirements in order for us to tailor a package to suit individual.

If you are unsure whether this applies to you or have any further questions, please contact us. We’ll be happy to explain it to you in more detail and if necessary find an alternative course that is better suited to your needs.
Becoming qualified in gas can be one of the biggest steps you will ever take in your career. We aim to make the process as simple as possible, even though the entry requirements for the course may seem complex, if you are unsure give us a call and arrange a meeting.

We aim to provide you with the best value when you choose to study with us. Your course costs will vary depending on the qualification you choose to study but all our prices are clear. We are also clear about any examination fees and registration fees that must be paid, so there are no unexpected surprises.

We also offer payment plans for the gas diploma courses (subject to a minimum deposit) so you can enrol and spread the cost throughout the course duration. No credit checks required!

Our Gas Diploma

You can undertake the gas diploma for domestic or commercial,  once the diploma programme has been completed and certificated you can then go on to your ACS assessments

If have completed the Domestic Gas diploma ACS CCN1 (Core Gas Safety) CKR1 (Cookers) HTR1 (Fires) CENWAT1 (Central heating boilers/Water Heaters) can then be taken, this will be dependant upon evidence gained on your portfolio and elements awarded on your diploma certificate.

If you are on the commercial Gas diploma ACS COCN1 (Core Gas Safety) CORT1 (Overhead radiant tube heaters) CDGA1 (Direct fired commercial appliances) CIGA1 (Indirect fired commercial appliances) TPCP1 (Strength, tightness testing & purging pipework up to 16 bars) & ICPN1 (Commercial pipework in excess of 35mm)  can then be taken, this will be dependant upon evidence gained on your portfolio and elements awarded on your diploma certificate.

Once you have your qualifications there is nothing stopping you extending your scope of work. Ie, If you are a domestic engineer and wish to upskill to commercial, LPG, Catering etc, you may do so with relevant training and assessment (No portfolio build will be required) but you will be required to be on the Gas Safe Register for at least 6 months prior (proof will be required) For more information about how to up skill scope of work once qualified please either call us or click below.

For more details call 01159425566

Duration of course

There is no maximum days so dependant on what courses are running and their relevance there is nothing to stop you attending should you want to.

Why choose us?

Although our gas diploma courses are not the cheapest or the quickest it is worth noting the following

  • You are entitled to unlimited training on the Gas Diploma!
  • There are no unexpected fees.
  • We do not train you just specifically to pass the assessments
  • The course is tailored to suit you and your requirements
  • The course is available on 0% finance (With no credit checks necessary)
  • We do not re charge for re takes on the Gas Diploma (See Gas diploma terms and conditions  for more details)
  • We provide you with support prior, during and POST your assessments


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